Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Queensland Government Sacks Public Servants Then Seeks to Increase Migrant Workers

The Queensland Government is in the process of sacking 14,000 public servants. You would think the Queensland Government would have a sufficient sense of obligation to these employees to try to give them first crack at some of the jobs becoming available in Queensland as the liquefied natural gas industry ramps up construction and the coal industry, notwithstanding Tony Abbott’s insistence that a carbon price would destroy it, continues to expand in central Queensland.

But you would be wrong. The Queensland Government has moved to water down the present requirements under the state-sponsored migrant worker system, to try to lift the number of overseas mining engineers etc who come to Queensland. Instead of watering down the standards and trying to lure foreign workers, the Newman Government should help train Queensland workers who are out of work and give them a go instead.

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