Thursday, January 16, 2014

December 2013 Unemployment Figures

Today’s unemployment figures show nearly 722,000 Australians out of work, the number of Australians employed falling by over 22,000, and a drop in the labour force participation rate to 64.6%, the lowest level since April 2006. Australia also has over 800,000 disability support pension recipients.

The fall in our workforce participation rate is bad news. It is further evidence that both our permanent and temporary migrant worker programs are too big and out of step with Australian economic conditions. The 457 visa program is uncapped, and over a million temporary visa holders have work rights in Australia.
We need to cap and reduce the temporary migrant worker programs and give job opportunities and job security to young Australians. The temporary and permanent migrant worker programs are a recipe for more young Australians to be out of work, with all the negative consequences unemployment has in relation to mental health, drugs, crime, and social harmony.

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