Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ripping Off the Future

Tony Abbott told the National Press Club “We’ve never been a country that’s ripped off future generations to pay for today”. In fact that is precisely what  we are doing – trashing the environment, letting the planet heat up, and fitting up our young people with student debt, job insecurity, and housing unaffordability.


  1. Nice post yesterday Kelvin however you blokes are the same as the other lot when it comes to housing affordability. Reforming the tax system with regard to negative gearing and super concessions would be a start. Otherwise all we will see until the next super cycle will be one term governments and you will have more competition from micro-parties and independents. Faulkner was correct in saying the ALP in dire need of reform otherwise get used to your new found political volatility.

  2. Ripping off future generations is inter-generational theft! Leaving them debt, and heavy population growth, will burden them and they will curse this generation of "growth" in a post-growth era.