Thursday, September 26, 2013

Congratulations to MichSquared Design

It is a great achievement that a local entrepreneur, Mr Michael Michielin, and his company MichSquared Design has been awarded first prize in the 2013 Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) 10 Star Challenge, competing against many various architectural/building design firms around Victoria. 

Sustainable design is fast becoming an initiative in demand throughout the construction industry and has a significant role to play in developing sustainable alternatives for our community. This will assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, whilst maximizing cost savings, without compromising comfort, for the home occupier.

BDAV described MichSquared Design’s entry as “detailed, ecologically sensitive and well-articulated, illustrating their considered and holistic approach to ecologically sustainable home design”.

According to BDAV:

“The design itself, developed for the Melbourne climate zone, maintains a small building footprint with functional spaces and well-positioned rooms with significant natural light and natural ventilation for passive cooling. Universal design was also considered. A green roof balcony, permeable paving and other water sensitive features complete the holistic design approach. MichSquared Design's entry is a well-articulated 10 Star design for a home with a defined and interesting visual character and strong consideration of sustainable design.”

Households around Australia are keen to play their part in the clean energy economy. This has been demonstrated with the installation of more than 1 million roof top solar photovoltaic (PV) systems since 2007, up from less than 7,500 under the Howard Government.
Households around Australia increasingly understand the importance of acting now to address global warming and cut pollution in our economy, and it’s great that a company like MichSquared Design is showing them how.

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