Monday, September 22, 2014

East West Hypocrisy

It is a disgrace that Victorian Liberal Treasurer Michael O’Brien says the government is determined to sign the East West contracts before the onset of the pre-election caretaker period.

Remember that the Liberal Party said before the election that it would NOT build the East West Link. It did NOT take the issue to the voters. Now it is shamelessly trying to lock Victorian taxpayers into billions and billions of dollars on a freeway through Royal Park. This project is so big it will eat up both Victoria’s road budget and public transport budget for years. It kills off the legitimate aspirations of communities from all parts of Melbourne for improvements to their local roads, railway crossings and the like.

And this fraud on the voters – trying to lock taxpayers into the this lemon before the election can be held – comes from the same political party that talked up such a storm, and became positively apoplectic over Julia Gillard’s “no carbon tax” pre-election statement.

Where is the Convoy of No Confidence when you need it?

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