Friday, September 26, 2014

Moreland and Moonee Valley Suffer Population and Planning Consequences, while Leafy Liberal Eastern Suburbs are Protected

It is an absolute disgrace that the Victorian Liberal Government is willing to protect its Liberal voting areas from the consequences of Melbourne’s rapid population growth- high rise developments, multi unit developments, traffic congestion, bottlenecks, overcrowded public transport and pressure on infrastructure and services, but will not extend the same courtesy to Moreland and Moonee Valley.

After a great deal of public debate, discussion and consideration, Moreland and Moonee Valley Councils submitted their draft new residential zones to the Victorian Government, following that Government’s requirement under Plan Melbourne, for new residential zones to be developed.

Moonee Valley recommended the neighbourhood residential zone, which encourages the lowest rate of growth across 75.5% of the municipality. Moreland Council suggested approximately 60% of the municipality be overlaid by the lowest rate of growth.

Glen Eira, Boroondara, and Bayside successfully recommended and had approved by the Minister that around 75%, 76%, and 83% of their municipalities, respectively, be covered by the lowest residential growth zones, the Neighbourhood Residential Zone. This had been recommended and supported by their respective residents and communities. If it is good enough for Glen Eira, Boroondara, and Bayside then it should also be good enough for Moreland and Moonee Valley.

Why is it that Melbourne’s Liberal supporting suburbs like Kew, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Brighton, Sandringham and Black Rock get two storey height limits, yet the sky is the limit in suburbs like Brunswick, Coburg, Pascoe Vale and Strathmore?

Rather than determine residential planning and growth zones based on party political considerations, the Planning Minister should be respecting and adhering to the views of local communities in Moreland and Moonee Valley.

The Minister has labelled the draft plans by Moonee Valley and Moreland as “fatally flawed”, and ‘anticipated growth rates will have significant implications; yet earlier this year he approved, virtually untouched, the draft plans put to him by Glen Eira, Boroondara and Bayside.

If it is good enough for these municipalities to have their residential zones supported, it also ought to be good enough for the northern suburbs.

The Victorian Liberal Government is mandating Moreland and Moonee Valley absorb an unfair share of Melbourne’s rapid population growth. Why should Moreland and Moonee Valley have more high rise developments, when our communities have made it abundantly clear we prefer sustainable development in line with community expectations, infrastructure and services.

I urge the Victorian Liberal Government to respect and adhere to the views of our local residents, just as they have done in some of Melbourne’s leafy eastern suburbs, and to not see Melbourne’s northern suburbs as a dumping ground for Melbourne’s rapid population growth which is fuelling congestion, house prices, cost of living issues and infrastructure stress.
As reported in these weeks Moreland Leader, house prices are surging across Moreland, with increases of 22.1% in Pascoe Vale South in the median house price alone. Encouraging more population growth by implementing high density development policies will continue fuelling housing unaffordability. The Victorian Government should be seeking to make housing more affordable through implementing a sustainable population and planning strategy.

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